Family Photography Now - Howarth Sophie, McLaren Stephen



A bold anthology that explores how photographers worldwide are tackling the maelstrom of family life. It will appeal to photographers both professional and amateur, and to anyone who has ever been intrigued by dramas played out behind closed doors. \'Family Photography Now\' presents 40 international image-makers who have turned their lens on the complex dynamics of the family, whether their own or other people\"s. Here you will find Swedish stay-at-home dads and Congolese first-time mothers, families with same-sex parents and families with identical twins, blended families and extended families, portraits made via Skype and portraits of imaginary families. Sophisticated art projects appear alongside highly personal images. From Magnum member Trent Parke\"s darkly amusing shots of life in suburban Australia and Denis Dailleux\"s portraits of Egyptian bodybuilders and their mothers to Elina Brotherus\"s devastating records of failed IVF and Nadia Sablin\"s elegy to her elderly aunts in rural Russia, this book takes readers on powerful journeys that are by turns moving, funny, thought-provoking and inspiring, encouraging us to reflect on how we photograph our own families. Complete with profiles revealing each photographer\"s story and working methodology, and two essays analyzing the complications of family attachments and the ways in which these have been captured in photography of many genres and moods. Zabawka doskonale dopasowana na każdą małą rączkę. Wykonana jest z miękkich materiałów o różnych strukturach, co zaciekawi każdego Maluszka. Dodatkowo ilość wyraźnych kolorów będzie stymulowała prawidłowy rozwój zmysłu wzroku.<br/>

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